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Short-Term Medical Insurance

Short-term medical insurance can help bridge a gap in your health insurance coverage. While this plan isn’t a permanent solution, it can come in handy as a last-minute coverage option. Our agents can help you determine if coverage is suitable for your needs.

What Is Short-Term Medical Insurance?

Compared to a traditional health insurance policy, short-term medical insurance has limited coverage. These policies do not cover pre-existing conditions and are not comprehensive plans. Not every temporary health insurance plan is the same so coverage will vary.

Short-term medical insurance can be purchased for up to 364 days, with the ability to reapply for coverage for up to 36 months, depending on where you live. How your policy works will vary depending on where you live and your policy, so be sure to reach out to an agent to confirm the details of your coverage.

How to Get Short-Term Medical Insurance

Most people who need short-term medical insurance have a particular need for it. If you think you need this short-term policy, contact 314 Insurance Advisors today to get started.