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Homeowners Insurance in La Grange, KY

Homeowners insurance can help provide financial protection against losses due to theft, damage or destruction of your home and personal property and liability coverage if someone is injured on the property. Contact 314 Insurance Advisors in La Grange, Kentucky, to learn more about your home insurance options.

How Home Insurance Works

Homeowners insurance can help cover the cost of repairs, replacement and legal fees in case of a covered loss. The coverage provided by a homeowners insurance policy will depend on the type of policy you purchase and any additional endorsements. A standard homeowners insurance policy typically covers the following types of risks:

  • Property damage—This portion of the policy may help pay to repair damages to your home and other structures and repair or replace your insured personal property following a covered loss. Covered losses may include fire, lightning, windstorm, hail and vandalism.
  • Liability coverage—This portion of the policy may help cover you and other listed insureds if they are legally responsible for injury or damage caused to others on the property. It may also help cover the cost of legal fees that may arise following a liability claim.
  • Additional living expenses—This portion of the policy may help cover the cost of living somewhere else while your home is being repaired after a covered loss.

Depending on where you live, your agent may recommend that you customize your home insurance by adding policies and endorsements, including flood or hurricane coverage.

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need for a Mortgage?

Although homeowners insurance is not required by law, lenders generally require it as a condition of getting a mortgage. Even if you own your home outright, it’s still a good idea to have homeowners insurance to protect your investment.

The amount of homeowners insurance you may need depends on several factors, including the value of your home and its contents, the location of your home and the dollar limits on your policy. Your agent may recommend that you have enough coverage to replace your home and its contents in case of a total loss.

How Many Home Insurance Claims Can You File?

The number of home insurance claims you can file typically depends on your policy and the insurance company you are working with. Most insurance companies do not have a limit on the number of claims you can file within a policy period. However, filing too many claims in a short period may increase premiums or even trigger nonrenewal of your policy. In some cases, filing multiple claims can make it difficult for you to get coverage in the future.

It’s important to note that insurance policies are designed to protect you against unexpected losses, and filing claims for every small loss can result in a higher cost of insurance in the long run. Before filing a claim, consider the cost of the loss, your deductible and the potential impact on your insurance rates.

How to Get Homeowners Insurance

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